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Rosendahl dishcloth

This beautiful, jacquard towel is designed by Nanna Ditzel of Rosendahl. The renowned designer held on the experimental quality design and graphic patterns, as is clearly shown on this cloth. Eraser piece is made from 100% cotton, and the graphic pattern creates a fun and classic expression of the dark matter. Eraser The play has a alcantarastrop top and a cotton strap on the long side, so you can hang it in different ways. Alcantara is a durable fabric, reminiscent of suede and adds a luxurious touch. Hang possibly the towel along with the red, gray or white from the same series, for a creative and surprising expression in the kitchen.

Designer: Nanna Ditzel
Material: 100% jacquard-woven cotton with Alcantara® straps.
Length: 70 cm Width: 50 cm

Wash at max 60 ° C
49,95 DKK

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Yderligere information

Yderligere information

Producent Rosendahl
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