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Le Creuset Jumbo cup

A Jumbokop from Le Creuset is really good hands. Jumbokoppens size of 0.4 liters is ideal for your yndlingste and is not only nice but also extremely practical for hot drinks as stoneware is heat resistant and therefore maintains and distributes the heat evenly. Jumbo cup in stoneware is available in many beautiful Le Creuset colors and is the best bed mate when sleep carpet and the good movies are up in the cold winter months. The stoneware is hygienic and will not absorb flavors and odors from your tea. Jumbo cups will attract attention and delight both your own table and as a gift.

Stoneware from Le Creuset dishwasher
170,00 DKK

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Yderligere information

Yderligere information

Producent Lecreuset
Type Nej
Størrelse Nej